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2017-18 120 years later

Teams Captain (or delegated person) can now report match results directly online Using web pages provided by the ECF League Management System (LMS). In order to do this the club needs to send ME the name and Email address of the Teams Captain (or delegated person), this will be passed on to the site administrator who will grant access. To avoid errors I suggest a delegated person is in possession of the Match Card or has a reliable copy. Once you have logged on to the site, select BDCL, Click the event on the left in which the match appears, Scroll down to find the Match and click on the Result. Enter details from drop down list, then Submit Match Result, If your opposition have already submitted the result, Click the Verify Tab. You do not record the Game Finish type on-line …This must be on the Retained Match Card in case of dispute. Note the LMS Tables can be periodically behind the BDCL ones if on-line reporting is not the option used. This tends to happen when I receive results from a team and then wait to see if their opponents use the site, The LMS site is for teams to use, not another for the Records secretary, so if you can Please use it and remember to click the verify button if the results are there already.


Team Adjustments voted at the Pre season MCM 24th August 2017

Solihull had indicated they have a player shortage for six boards in and requested a four board team in ; this was granted

Boldmere had indicated they have a player shortage for six boards in and requested a four board team in ; this was granted

Kynoch following the arrival of some new Players, requested another team in or possibly a team in ; the latter option was granted

Halesowen requested another team in or possibly a team in including the current team; the latter option was granted

West Midlands Police announced running two 4 board teams with only eight players would lead to many defaulted Boards

The MCM committee granted a 6 board Team in which the police accepted.

The results of this means we still have 74 Teams for 2017-18 with Division make up of 13, 12, 12, 12, 13, and 12

AS ALWAYS I would like to thank the co-operation of all Secretaries for the speedy Fixture revamp.




BDCL Honours 2016-17


3rd Time


1996/97 2001/02 2016/17

Runner up: -Sutton Coldfield

Individual Champion

Andy Southall 6½ ( Warley Quinborne )

1993/94  1994/95  1995/96  1996/97  1997/98  2009/2010  2016/17

Runner up: - Rob Glass (South Birmingham)

Congratulations Halesowen Champions of the BDCL

With the Strength in Depth shown at the club this season, this could be the start of a new era.

Sutton Coldfield may have been in with a shot of a ninth Title until falling foul of the rules committee.

Andy Southall is Indy ❶ Champion. This was his 13th Indy Final


❷ Champions

9th Time

West Bromwich

1923/24  1931/32  1932/33  1948/49  1984/85  1986/87  1992/93  2009/10  2016/17

Runner up: - Warley Quinborne-A


Individual Champion

Keith Ingram ( Shirley Wythall )

2005/06  2011/12  2012/13  2016/17

Runner up: -

West Bromwich win Division for a record ninth time and make it back to the big league at the first attempt,

Warley Quinborne A also returns to Div 1 next term.

Keith Ingram won his 1st Indy Trophy 1974/75 42 years ago now has an 8th Indy title, 4 a piece in the top two sections


❸ Champions

1st Time



Runner up: - Sutton Coldfield-A


Individual Champion

David Gardiner ( Sutton Coldfield )


Runner up: - Chris Pitt (Shirley Wythall)

Redditch wins the Title for the 1st time after leading all season.

Sutton Coldfield-A beat promotion rivals Mercia in their last match to leapfrog into second Spot


❹ Champions

1st  Time



Runner up: - University Birmingham


Individual Champion

 Nick Papathanasopoulos ( South Birmingham )


Runner up Adrian Husain (Warley Quinborne)


After leading all season Birmingham win the Title, amazingly the 1st time in the clubs long History.

University of Birmingham are the runners up


❺ Champions

3rd Time


1999/2000  2016/17

Runner up: - Lichfield


Individual Champion

Roger Threlfall ( Rushall )


Runner up: - Peter Hughes (Mutual Circle)

Halesowen beat Title rivals Lichfield in their last match to leapfrog into Top Spot and become Champions


❻ Champions

Shirley Wythall

1989/90  2016/17

Runner up: -South Birmingham

Individual Champion

Paul Barrett ( Coleshill )


Runner up: -

Shirley Wythall wins a very tight race for the title

South Birmingham gained 2nd spot after University conceded a play off


TERRILL Trophy Winners

9th Time

South Birmingham 1A

1985/86  2002/03  2005/06  2007/08  2011/12  2012/13  2014/15  2015/16  2016/17

Runners up Sutton Coldfield-1


SB One-A make it a record Nine times and are first to complete a hat trick of Terrill wins.


HOMER Trophy Winners

1st Time

Redditch 3


Runners up South Birmingham-1C


Redditch-3 wins the Homer Trophy for the 1st time and complete a season League & cup Double



TOWNSHEND Trophy Winners

1st Time

Rushall 4


Runners up University Birmingham-4


Rushall 4 win Townshend for the 1st time


BARRINGTON Trophy Winners

3rd Time

University of Birmingham-6

2012/13  2016/17

Runners up Shirley Wythall-6


University of Birmingham 6 showed fighting spirits to win this, with two teams in finals on the same night and Players away on Easter Holidays, selection was not easy


F Grades

The scrutiny Committee would like it known that F grades (but not the data underlying them) will be disregarded.

This due to the narrow band of games giving a distorted measure of strength

From the ECF site……….

The introduction of a new F Category based on only 5 games (so one congress suffices). This has made it easier for new players to get a grade, and has increased the number of players with published grades by nearly 2000. However, F grades are not treated as "real" for the purpose of future calculation. They are treated in the same way as juniors' grades. They are also (unlike juniors' grades) omitted from "Top Players" lists and rankings.



Ecard Reminder Do's and Don'ts

Rule 9.5 it is now a requirement to record each game's Time limits on the Match Card.

This can be done in the right hand column now marked Finish / Date.

Incremental, Quickplay & Adjournments. The captains shall indicate on the card the nature of the time limit utilised

in each individual game before the commencement of the match.

Write 'I' against boards Playing Incremental; write 'Q' against boards Playing Quickplay,

If Adjournments are chosen leave blank until either the games are Adjourned or finished,

If adjourned then resumption date within 21 days must be given as before, if Finished then write 'A'

Do mark the relevant holders of any sealed move; do mark the relevant Home or Away Box,

 (To download Ecards click on the bishop Tab then the E Match Cards Tab)

remember these Ecards are used in conjunction with the Match card when a dispute arises




ECF x 7.5 + 700 = FIDE
(FIDE - 700) / 7.5 = ECF



ECF x 8 + 700 = USCF
(USCF - 700) / 8 = ECF




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