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Do you know where you’re going?

A few changes to club venues have been taking place recently so in case you have missed it here is what I know

Boldmere have moved and now play at Oscott Social Club & Institute, 239 Witton Lodge Road, (corner with Turfpits Lane), Birmingham B23 5LX.   The Club room is upstairs in a good size room with a lift if needed.

From the City centre take A34 to Perry Barr…A453 …Boars Head…..College Rd, turn right immediately after Perry Common Rd lights into Witton Lodge Rd, the car park entrance is in Turfpits Lane.

By bus № 7 from Livery Street B'ham City centre to outside the club. I shall not miss looking at the dreary sights from the Aston Expressway waiting for the traffic jam to clear because of some M6 hold up.

As in many case with the new venue comes a new name, Oscott Chess Club, something West Birmingham, Lozells, North Birmingham Kingstanding, Boldmere are used to.

Boldmere Venue Ariel.png


Rushall have also moved and now play from St. Francis' Catholic Social Club, 20 Mill Rd, (corner with Broad Lane) Shelfield WS4 1RH. Several ways from Birmingham City Centre, A38, M6 J9 or J10 to Walsall Ring road then A461 through Rushall to Mill Rd traffic lights turn left club will be on the right. Personally I will take From the City centre A34 to Perry Barr…A453 …Boars Head, Aldridge Rd past the Kynoch venue over the Beacon B4154 joining the  A461 at Rushall, this misses out any problems with the Motorway and all the lights and cameras around the Walsall ring road.

Rushall Venue. Ariel.png


Warley Quinborne are Now using the Stag & Horseshoes on a Monday for Open & 560 Matches and on a Thursday for 400 Matches,  Stag & Three Horseshoes, Halesowen Road, (corner with Kent Rd) Birmingham B62 9BB.

The traffic Island in the Picture Below is at the top of Mucklows Hill… Halesowen Rd to the right is a continuation of the Hagley Rd from Quinton. .…….If unsure Check with Warley Quinborne Club Secretary

Warley Quinborne Stag & Horseshoes.png


Honours 2018-19

Solihull become League Champions for the Second time in their history after a nervous wait., Solihull were looking to be in the right place at the start of February out in front and the only 100% record left in the division, having strengthened the Squad with some big hitters the title was looking theirs to lose. Six weeks later Solihull had finished and defeats, away at SB1A and home to Olton had lost their unassailable lead, Walsall (Rock Steady) Kipping now could overhaul them if they could win the last three Matches and after two wins it all came down to the last match at home to SB1A. Unfortunately for WsK playing the last game against the team that has finished in one of the top two places fourteen of the last eighteen seasons is not ideal; however they now have a chance for revenge in the Runners up Play off Match. At the Bottom WQ, Red, Wtn and Lch have looked in trouble all season, Wolverhampton got out of it after a raid into the January transfer market and wins for WQ against Olton & Red and a draw Vs Wtn will send Redditch & Lichfield down.

John Edge won his Eighth Individual ❶ title and now has the record most wins, well done that man.


SOLIHULL   1979/80  2018/19

Runner up: - South Birmingham / Walsall Kipping


Individual Band ❶ Open Champion

John Edge ( Halesowen ) 1990/91  2001/02  2003/04  2004/05  2010/11

2012/13  2014/15  2018/19

Runner up: - Mohammed N A Chowdhury (Westminster)


Division ❷ in recent years has been the tightest one, that’s to say there is usually only a few points between third from top and third from bottom, Lichfield hit the ground running and after playing nine fixtures before Christmas sat at the top for large parts of the season, Solihull, Shirley Wythall, West Bromwich and South Birmingham A made up the chasing Pack with the latter (SB2A) ending up as champions with W7 D4 L0. WQ and SC occupied the bottom two places most of the season with SB2B and Halesowen the teams to catch, Warley Quinborne are relegated with South Birmingham 2B, while Sutton Coldfield avoided a relegation play off after a Rules Committee hearing on Board order in Match 262.

Indy ❷ was won by John Mildenhall who has won Indy ❷ four times previously.

Division Champions

SOUTH BIRMINGHAM A   1988/89   1996/97   2018/19

Runner up: - Lichfield


Individual Band ❷ 160 Max Champion

John Mildenhall ( Sutton Coldfield ) 1980/81  1990/91  2001/02  2015/16  2018/19

Runner up: - Jonathan Dale (Shirley Wythall)


University who finished third last season, won Division ❸ for the Eighth time losing just 1 match, joining them in Div 2 next season, are either Olton A or Mercia who will battle it out in a play off. At the bottom Boldmere are relegated with Sutton Coldfield. Indy was won by Terry Walker who has won Indy ❸ previously.

Division Champions

UNIVERSITY BIRMINGHAM  1923/24   1949/50 1965/66  1974/75  1975/76  1984/85   1992/93  2018/19

Runner up: - Olton A / Mercia


Individual Band ❸ 140 Max Champion

Terry W Walker ( South Birmingham )  1997/98  2018/19

Runner up: - Simon A Killarney (South Birmingham)


Division ❹ was won by Redditch who becomes the 37th 100% Team of all time. Joining them in Promotion will be Shirley Wythall who won the last game to avoid a play off with Greenlands. At the Bottom going down are Bushbury and Warley Quinborne. Being the smallest division it offered the least amount of chess but had the most defaults.

Indy final was won by Kevin Spillane of Boldmere.

Division 100% Champions

REDDITCH   1996/97   2018/19

Runner up: - Shirley Wythall


Individual Band ❹ 120 Max Champion

Kevin J Spillane ( Boldmere )  2018/19

Runner up: - Paul Barrett (Coleshill)


Last Seasons Promoted Team Coleshill are this Seasons Division ❺ Champions with 21pts out of a possible 24pts. Solihull pips Shirley Wythall to take the second promotion spot.

At the bottom Mutual Circle and Kynoch B should be Relegated, I say should as they weren’t when they both finished bottom two seasons ago.

Indy 5 was won by Joe Kadar who had been in a final the previous three seasons.

Division Champions

COLESHILL 2   2018/19

Runner up: - Solihull


Individual Band ❺ 100 Max Champion

Joe Kadar ( South Birmingham )  2018/19

Runner up: - John B Lewis (Warley Quinborne)


Saint George's are the champions of Division ❻ however they only found themselves in this Division due to not having Six Players for Division four. It remains to be seen how the Match Committee deal with Saint George’s if they continue next season. Redditch finished in a close 2nd place and gets promoted to cap of a good season for the club. Wooden Spoon this season is awarded to Westminster B. Indy ❻ was won by Tom Vanes of Coleshill

Division Champions

Saint George's 1999/00   2005/06  2013/14  2018/19

Runner up: - Redditch


Individual Band ❻ 80 Max Champion

Tom Vanes ( Coleshill ) 2018/19

Runner up: - Matt Smith (South Birmingham)


South Birmingham wins the Terrill Trophy for the 10th time

Westminster 3 put up a good show and it was a lot closer than the score suggests.

TERRILL Trophy Winners

SOUTH BIRMINGHAM 1A  1985/85  2002/03  2005/06  2007/08  2011/12  2012/13  2014/15  2015/16  2016/17  2018/19

Runners up: - Westminster-3


Boldmere 2 win the Homer Trophy against local rivals Sutton Coldfield

HOMER Trophy Winners

BOLDMERE 2  2011/12  2018/19

Runners up: - Sutton Coldfield-2


Redditch 4 wins the Townshend to complete a League and cup double

TOWNSHEND Trophy Winners

REDDITCH 4   2011/12  2018/19

Runners up: - Coleshill-5


Greenlands 4 beat Shirley Wythall 5 in a one sided affair

BARRINGTON Trophy Winners

GREENLANDS 4  2014/15  2018/19

Runners up: - Shirley Wythall-5

All Club Honours can be fond at


After the first half of this 2018-19 season the most notable fact is the rise in Defaults that have occurred, 87 Boards across 6 Divisions have been defaulted, and if you add the 44 Defaulted boards after two rounds of the Trophy a Total of 131 BDCL Boards of chess have not taken Place, Division Four currently has lost 23, which is surprising as this division already has the least amount of games on offer following the re-positioning of the Saint George team due to a player Shortage. Let’s hope the Second half improves and we do not exceed the 170 Seasons average if there is such a thing. Currently there are two Board Disputes which are being investigated, one in Div 4 and one in Div 5 which all I can say is one is over moves made and the other is over notation.  Tables… should anyone want to look/Print all the BDCL tables together, they are on the Finish page, should print on a single A4 page in Landscape orientation. This years new format in the Individual Tournaments seem to have proved popular with the Majority, as the 73 players entered is the highest for several years, the next highest I have found was 59 Players in the 2009-10 season. Finally for now at the MCM John Green of Solihull is suggesting a league to offer more chess for players around 90 grading Pts and below, Teams will consist of Three players, this league will not impact on your current BDCL status. Any clubs / players interested contact the Solihull Secretary.
Happy New year all,
Alan   9/1/19
Hello everyone, as you should know by now we have a new BDCL Records Secretary Terence Benson. Terence who is also the Ward End Social Chess Club Secretary, Stepped into the breach at the AGM as yours Truly stepped out, Please do your best to support Terry by ensuring he receives all the necessary information needed to either report Match Results or Change fixtures, At the August MCM, I was appointed Assistant Secretary to the Hon Gen Sec, I shall continue to be the on-line Bulletin editor on this BDCL site. Richard is still the BDCL Web Master and will be happy to post all chess related news.
Individual Tournament
Also following a vote by an overwhelming majority at the August MCM, the format of the BDCL Individual Tournaments have now changed,
Starting this season it has now been decided that five of the six Divisional Tournaments will have grade Band Limits.
The change does not prevent players playing in higher Bands as previously should they wish more of a challenge. Individual remains unchanged as an Open band. In bands , , & no ones is more than 20 grading Pts above your grade unless you have chosen to play in a higher band, or if your grade is less than 60 grading Pts in band .
19.  Individual Tournament Arrangements
19.1 There shall be a separate Individual Tournament of six banded sections open to anyone eligible for ordinary League play on 1st October. Any player may enter either the banded section he/she qualifies for or; provided the Tournament sub-Committee has a place available for him/her; any higher band. The banded sections shall be determined by players' grading as follows:
Individual Band Open
Individual Band 160 max
Individual Band 140 max
Individual Band 120 max
Individual Band 100 max
Individual Band 80 max
Eligibility will be determined using the following priority:
1. ECF July Standard play Grade
2. ECF July Rapid play Grade
3. FIDE July Standard play Rating (converted using the formula: (FIDE-700)/7.5)
4. BDCL Assigned Grade
Ungraded players must give details of estimated playing strength. Ungraded players who cannot demonstrate a playing strength appropriate for their section will be allocated to Individual One.
Contact your Club Secretary or Individual Chairman Tim lane to enter
Message from Terence Record Secretary
Hi All,
Match Reporting using LMS
There are three ways of notifying the league of the match result!
1) By entering the result online using the ECF LMS web site! (Preferred)
2) Email the Records Secretary with the completed Ecard attached!
3) Post the Match card to the Records Secretary!
Remember both Home and Away teams must report the match result within 5 days of the match!
The quickest and easiest way of doing this is to enter your result online by logging into LMS!
By using LMS there is no requirement to email or post the match card to the Records Secretary! But you must keep the match cards safe until the AGM!
There are many of you who have logins for LMS but are not using them to report your match results?
If anyone has difficulties using the system please contact me and I’m sure we will be able to get you reporting your results online in no time!
If you are still reporting your results by email or post but would prefer to report them online and do not have a login ID. Please send me an email requesting an LMS user id. Don’t forget to include your Full Name, email address and club! I will then set you up as a owner for your club, which will allow you to enter your results online!
Advantages of reporting you results via LMS
Reporting your results only takes a few minutes and your done!
No typing of Match date, Team names, Players names, Scores or Match result! You only have to select the players and scores from the drop down lists and click the ‘Submit Match Result’ button and your done!
If the match has already been reported by your opponents then all you have to do is verify the result by clicking on the verify tab!
If you have access to a smart phone that can access the internet you can report the result straight after the match!
The League Tables are updated instantly on LMS!
No typing out of Ecards and emails
No postage costs and looking for a post box or forgetting to post the match card!
Plus the results are reported on the Records page of the BDCL web site a lot faster!
Disadvantages of reporting your results vis LMS!
You will need to have access to the internet!
The only reason not to report your results by LMS is if you don’t have access to the internet! But I’m sure someone else in your club will have access!
Please contact me if you have any questions or need help in using LMS
Details in the BDCL Hand Book
Thank you
Terry Benson
BDCL Records Secretary
At the April 30th MCM votes were overwhelmingly in favour of abolishing the first time control in one session matches. Time control is now all moves in 90mins for Quick-play or all moves in 80mis + 10 seconds a move throughout for Incremental, No more Adjusting the Clocks after 30 moves. Two Session Matches (Adjournments) are unchanged
2017-18 120 years later
Teams Captain (or delegated person) can now report match results directly online Using web pages provided by the ECF League Management System (LMS). In order to do this the club needs to send ME the name and Email address of the Teams Captain (or delegated person), this will be passed on to the site administrator who will grant access. To avoid errors I suggest a delegated person is in possession of the Match Card or has a reliable copy. Once you have logged on to the site, select BDCL, Click the event on the left in which the match appears, Scroll down to find the Match and click on the Result. Enter details from drop down list, then Submit Match Result, If your opposition have already submitted the result, Click the Verify Tab. You do not record the Game Finish type on-line …This must be on the Retained Match Card in case of dispute. Note the LMS Tables can be periodically behind the BDCL ones if on-line reporting is not the option used. This tends to happen when I receive results from a team and then wait to see if their opponents use the site, The LMS site is for teams to use, not another for the Records secretary, so if you can Please use it and remember to click the verify button if the results are there already.
F Grades
The scrutiny Committee would like it known that F grades (but not the data underlying them) will be disregarded.
This due to the narrow band of games giving a distorted measure of strength
From the ECF site……….
The introduction of a new F Category based on only 5 games (so one congress suffices). This has made it easier for new players to get a grade, and has increased the number of players with published grades by nearly 2000. However, F grades are not treated as "real" for the purpose of future calculation. They are treated in the same way as juniors' grades. They are also (unlike juniors' grades) omitted from "Top Players" lists and rankings.
Ecard Reminder Do's and Don'ts
Rule 9.5 it is now a requirement to record each game's Time limits on the Match Card.
This can be done in the right hand column now marked Finish / Date.
Incremental, Quickplay & Adjournments. The captains shall indicate on the card the nature of the time limit utilised
in each individual game before the commencement of the match.
Write 'I' against boards Playing Incremental; write 'Q' against boards Playing Quickplay,
If Adjournments are chosen leave blank until either the games are Adjourned or finished,
If adjourned then resumption date within 21 days must be given as before, if Finished then write 'A'
Do mark the relevant holders of any sealed move; do mark the relevant Home or Away Box,
(To download Ecards click on the bishop Tab then the E Match Cards Tab)
remember these Ecards are used in conjunction with the Match card when a dispute arises
ECF x 7.5 + 700 = FIDE
(FIDE - 700) / 7.5 = ECF
ECF x 8 + 700 = USCF
(USCF - 700) / 8 = ECF
Please report errors so we can correct them. Thank you.