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Jan 1st 2024

Today sees the release of the ECF January grades, which we will be using for Board order in the second half of the season.

Can all club secretaries / captains of teams, Please re-estimate any Non ECF K graded players, whose grade may have changed more than 50Pts since first being estimated.

This will also be used for the Second half of the season or until a ECF grade is acquired


LMS Verified

Can teams Please make sure all matches have been verified on the LMS site within 5 days of playing, Should anyone needing a login please email the Records Secretary (me) who will arrange it. The LMS from the Start of the Season will Display August Grades; these will be refreshed in January.

 Use the August (start) then January (Midway) grades, for Board order. Players who gain a K or A grade should use this immediately it is known.


Honours 2022-23

BDCL Champions Solihull

Division ❷Champions Redditch

Division ❸ Champions Rushall

Division ❹ Champions Kynoch

Division Champions ❺ South Birmingham

Division Minor Champions Coleshill

 Terrill Trophy Winners Sutton Coldfield-1

 Townshend Trophy Winners South Birmingham-5

Homer Trophy Winners Sutton Coldfield-2

Barrington Trophy Winners South Birmingham-4

Individual Open Winner Shared

Individual 1900 Winner Rob Glass South Birmingham

Individual 1750 Winner Bruno Silva South Birmingham

Individual 1600 Winner Thomas Vanes Coleshill

Individual 1450 Winner Sam Fowlkes

Individual 1300 Winner Chaniru Ranasinghe


Summer Rapid Play League

The BDCL Summer Rapid Play League will start in the second week of May, Four Divisions, 4 players per Team, 20 minutes + 10 sec per move 2 Matches per round Alternate Colours

Division One Open

Division Two 7400 max, average 1850 (minimum 1550)

Division Three 6600 max, average 1650 (minimum 1350)

Division Four 5800 max, average 1450 (minimum 1150)

Board order 100Pts max

You can play lower graded players but they will count as the minimum for the Division

Team entries to be received by me (Summer League Chairman) before 25th April

Entry fee £5 per team Paid to BDCL Treasurer (Richard) by 31st May Please

Check Rules Doc for more details

Thank You in advance for your support

Alan, BDCLRecords


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