BDCL 2023 10 second buzzer Lightning Tournament
Position Teams S Bham A Mutual A Olton A S.Bham B Totals
1st S Bham A                 17
2nd Mutual A                 14
3 Olton A                 9
4 S.Bham B                 8
Position Teams S.Bham C Mutual B Sutton Cfd A Solihull A Totals
1st S.Bham C                 15
2nd Mutual B                 12
3 Sutton Cfd A                 12
4 Solihull A                 9
Position Teams Olton B S.Bham D Solihull B Sutton Cfd B Totals
1st Olton B                 16
2nd S.Bham D                 13
3 Solihull B                 13
4 Sutton Cfd B                 5
The Individual prize for best performance was awarded to Mr.A.Cottam of Olton who was the only player to obtain 6 pts from 6 games.
A big thank you to all that attended and to Olton Chess Club for allowing us the use of their room and facilities for the event. John Mildenhall